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Birth control medication

Birth control medication information

Birth control pills is, perhaps, one of the best inventions of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to availability of birth control pills for sale, women all over the world can finally take control over their ovulation and menstruation, pregnancy and other hormone-related processes. In this article we shall tell you about how much birth control pills have changed the society, provide some prescription information for birth control pills and tell you, how to get birth control pills of high quality at affordable price.

Most of the birth control pills, such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Yasmin, Lynoral, Plan B, Levlen, Mircette, Ginette-35, Desogen, Fertomid, L-Carnite and many others, have their effect based on the synthetic hormones action. For example, Yasmin has a combination of drospirenone and ethinylestradiol in its compound, and shortly after the intake, the hormone levels in body change. That affects a wide specter of conditions: makes women more feminine, works as acne prophylaxis, and, of course, directly affects the ovulation and impregnation processes.

After you purchase birth control tablets and start taking them (according to the instructions), your cycle is changed. Usually, right dose of the hormone pauses the ovulation, which allows preserving the healthy eggs in the ovary, delaying the menopause and associated problems in the future. Your menstruation is less painful and causes less discomfort, and the chances that you get unplanned pregnancy become as low as 0.1%. However, improper use or use of the cheapest birth control pills can result in various side effects.

Is it safe to take birth control pills without doctor?

As a rule, you are not supposed to have an opportunity to buy birth control pills overnight without prescription: such drugs as Yasmin, Levlen, Desogen and other cheap birth control pills have a status of prescription-only medicines. However, emergency birth control pills, such as Plan B, are sold without prescription in Canada, India, and many other countries. Usually, the drug stores should sell those without verifying the buyer's age or any other information (anonymously).

However, birth control requires serious and complex approach. It is highly recommended to consult a medical specialist before you start taking any kind of birth control medications (pills, patches or else). Only a medical specialist (gynecologist) can define whether you can take such medications, which doses and therapy duration are right for you, what kind of BC drugs is best for you (Desogen, Plan B, Yasmin, L-Carnite or else), and many other details, taking your individual health conditions into consideration.

If you want to order birth control pills online with no prescription for the first time, we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor to eliminate the risks of side effects and complications that may arise from improper use of such drug. Also, you may need doctor's help to make sure that the birth control pills work like they should, and you won't accidentally get pregnant while you consider that impossible.

Birth control pills reviews

There are a lot of birth control pills reviews on the web; however, you shouldn't really trust them. You can familiarize yourself with the feedback from women, who have been taking Yasmin or Lynoral, or other type of such drug, but you also have to remember that at least half of such feedback is fake (commercial) and the other half is very individual: your tolerance to the drug's components, natural hormone levels and other conditions define the outcome of the therapy. Therefore, only a personal doctor's advice can be unbiased and good for you.

Generic birth control pills cost

Cost of birth control pills may become burdening in case you're looking for brand medications. However, generic birth control pills (generic Desogen, Fertomid or generic Yasmin) have absolutely the same effect, since they are based on the similar chemical substances (hormone analogues), and the price of birth control pills in this case is much more affordable. Therefore, you can choose to pay for the brand, or to save on it, paying only for the quality of the medication.

Again, there is absolutely no difference in the compound of generic and original birth control pills (and drugs in general); the difference is in the brand name. After the patent on the invention of the drug expires, any pharmaceutical company can produce the drug, and they strive to make generic medications as available as possible to earn their niche on the market. Thus, it is a life-hack: buy generics to get the same quality at a much lower price.

Birth control pills no prescription online pharmacy

Though most of the birth control medications are prescription-only drugs, you can buy birth control pills online without prescription in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, Singapore, India and many other countries. It's not only fair for the emergency birth control, often intentionally made widely available for all women, but also for the prescription-only long-term birth control drugs. You can find those in online pharmacies all over the world, both brand and generic medications, at affordable prices and not requiring you to have a prescription. Nevertheless, we encourage you to consult your doctor before you even decide to take a course, or ask something like “Where can I buy birth control patch over the counter?”.

Take care, and stay healthy!