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Generic Ventolin

Ventolin generic name and trade name

Ventolin is a powerful medication that is used for asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and exercise-induced bronchospasms. According to the World’s Health Organization, Ventolin Salbutamol is one of the medications, essential in the basic health system, which makes it strategically important for many people. Over 10 million people only in the United States regularly use Ventolin to treat asthma and bronchospasms. However, the medication never was very available. The price of Ventolin is dramatically different for the citizens of developing countries and the citizens of the United States. Thus, while you can purchase a monthly supply of Salbutamol for just a few dollars in India or Africa, in the local drug store you’ll have to pay from $25 for the cheapest generic medication to $50 for the brand one. However, what’s the difference between these two?

This drug has been on market since 1982, and the patent has long expired. Brand medication is the result of the protected monopoly of the original producer and inventor, Glaxo. They have researched, synthesized and marketed the medication in 1982, which has given the pharmaceutical company the right to distribute it on the United States market solely for several years. Fortunately, with the expiration of the patent, generic name for Ventolin HFA has become available for the other companies to use it. Nowadays, you can find various Salbutamol drugs, or Albuterol drugs, which have the compound absolutely identical to such of Ventolin (which is a brand name). Albuterol / Salbutamol medications, however, are much more affordable due to their low price. Brand medication is, as always, overpriced.

Ventolin expectorant generic name

Generic name of Ventolin expectorant is the same as of other medications, based on Salbutamol. Generic names are typically assigned basing on the active substance of the medication. Thus, you can find multiple variations of Salbutamol / Albuterol, such as Salbutamol sulfate, Albuterol sulfate and so on, being the generic medications. For example, the generic name for Ventolin syrup in Australia is identical to any other medication containing Salbutamol (and it is, actually, called Salbutamol as well). You can always expect similarity in the name of generic drugs; the opposite is true for the brand names: Aerocort, Airlast, Albutol, Aloprol, Asmacare, Bemin, Bronchovent, Bronko, Ipramol, Niblet, Salbid, Saltam, Velaspir, Violin and many other strange labels refer to the same Salbutamol medication, though produced by various companies worldwide.

Ventolin tablet generic name

Looking for Ventolin tablet generic name, it’s the wisest to ask a doctor for the substitutes to brand Ventolin, or perhaps, look for the generic drugs in online pharmacies. Anything with Salbutamol in the name will go, as a rule. You don’t have to choose the medication basing on its name, when you can choose the drug by its efficiency and price. Not everyone understands that, but the price of the medication and its usefulness are not related; there may be a correlation, at most. Thus, choose the Ventolin generic drug wisely, and you’ll save a lot of money, improving the therapy effect at the same time.