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Is Propecia Safe?

Is Propecia safe long term?

Propecia is a medication that has mechanism of action related to hormone levels in body. That alone makes it very dangerous for those who can misuse it. Propecia has a prescription-only legal status in the United States for a reason. Unless you are aware of precautions and contraindications for this drug, as well as have you daily dose adjusted to your health conditions, you should not take this drug. Side effects of Propecia affect the sexual function, which can be very frustrating for males. The medication is also Pregnancy Category X, which means that it can do severe damage to fetus, if taken by a pregnant woman.

Propecia treatment requires long-term therapy, and thus one of the frequently asked questions is “Is Propecia safe long term?” There are other questions as well, usually reduced to one topic: ”Is Propecia safe?” There is no doubt that misuse of Finasteride (generic Propecia substance) can harm the body, including the irreversible damage. However, if you do not overdose the medication, do not have contraindications for Propecia therapy and do not abuse the drug, the risk of side effects is not very high.

Long-term therapy is the guarantee that Propecia treatment will have the desired effect. It takes the drug at least three months to make changes in hormone levels noticeable on the outside. Hair loss is reduced within several months, and reverted within a year or longer. However, after the discontinuation of Propecia, its effect is gone within a year at most. The side effects, though, may persist. While, typically, the sexual function is back to normal within several months as the body adapts to the drug, in some patients the sexual dysfunction may persist even after the discontinuation of the therapy.

Is Propecia safe for a 17 year old?

Is Propecia safe to take for a teenager? The drug is not intended for use in young men. The main indication of Propecia, pattern hair loss, rarely happens before the patient is fully mature. The drug’s effect on DHT synthesis may result in complications in a developing body of a young male. Thus, it is not recommended to give the medication to underage patients.

Propecia is safe only when taken under the supervision of a medical specialist, not on your own. Do not try to use Propecia for self-medication. Otherwise, you may face serious adverse effects. On the other hand, the answer to the question “Is Propecia safe for men?" is definitely positive, if you use the medication according to your prescription.

Is Propecia safe for pregnancy?

Is Propecia safe to take by women? Maybe, under certain circumstances. Is Propecia safe for pregnancy? Definitely not. Labeled as Pregnancy Category X, Propecia does significant harm to fetus, interfering with sexual development of both male and female babies. If you ask, is Propecia safe for women to take, it looks like you have not read the instructions. Otherwise, you would know that you should not be asking “Is Propecia safe while trying to conceive?” Propecia is extremely dangerous in this case, and any intake of the drug should be avoided.