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Meldonium reviews

Meldonium has become very popular when the WADA has banned it. Before that, only the patients with various cardiac diseases have known this brand name, also referred to as Mildronate. The medication was developed by a Latvian pharmaceutical company Grindeks, and it brings it over 65 million dollars every year.

Meldonium, or Mildronate, is used to treat the cardiac diseases, such as coronary artery disease, before all. Meldonium medication has mechanism of action based on vasodilation effect, which increases the blood flow in body and thus prevents possible ischemia or similar diseases, when organs and cells (primarily in heart) do not receive enough oxygen due to problems with blood vessels constriction. Meldonium cheapest analogue is few times more expensive that this drug, and that’s why many people look for Meldonium for sale every year.

In the United States, Meldonium is not usually prescribed to patients who need it, because the FDA hasn’t yet approved it. However, most patients in Eastern Europe (CIS), buy cheap Meldonium as the most effective solution for their diseases. The drug is affordable, effective and safe, and that makes it so popular.

Though there is no evidence that Mildronate enhances performance or otherwise affects the physical conditions of the sportsmen (it is used to protect and strengthen the myocardial muscle), the medication is on the list of banned medications (doping), so many champions have had to quit taking Meldonium, independently of how much Meldonium they were taking before. Nevertheless, the drug is still widely used by people who want to improve their health and shield from the risks of coronary diseases.

Why purchase Meldonium?

The advantages of Meldonium are not always clearly seen from the first sight. However, medical specialists know that this medication is one of the best solutions for patients with signs of coronary diseases and other heart problems. It prevents development of serious complications associated with heart diseases, and protects patients from such problems as ischemia, myocardial infarction, tachycardia and many others.

This is especially important for those people who are subjected to regular stress. Whether it is a physical stress (professional or amateur sportsmen) or psychic stress, Meldonium makes sure that your heart is protected from any oxygen deficit and associated damage. One of the unquestionable advantages is the price of Meldonium. The medication, particularly the generic Mildronate, is very affordable, compared to the brand analogues.

Cost of Meldonium

Cost of Meldonium, as it has been said before, is one of the most significant advantages of this medication (along with its safety, low adverse effects rate and reliable positive effect). However, the price of Meldonium can vary a lot depending on how to get Meldonium. If you’re intended to get the drug from local drug store in the United States, the benefit may be much lower than expected. Price of the drug in developed countries is way higher than in developing countries — Meldonium can be ten times more expensive in the United States than, say, in Pakistan or Ukraine.

The price also depends on whether you buy generic Meldonium or the brand one. This medication has been available as generic drug for several years, and the price varies significantly. Of course, the generic medication is much cheaper (up to 30% cheaper, to be precise), and it has absolutely the same compound and effect. Therefore, if you want to save money, you should look for generic Meldonium.

Generic Meldonium cost

Typically, if you want to buy Meldonium overnight, you go to Walgreens or a local drug store. However, if you want to get the best price on Meldonium, you should look for a place where generic Meldonium cost is not increased due to high expenses of the seller. In the United States, regulations do not allow to sell Meldonium without prescription, over the counter. Thus, you have to look for another way to purchase the drug.

For your information, Meldonium has medical form of 250 mg or 500 mg capsules, from 40 to 360 capsules in one package. The most popular package, 120 capsules of Meldonium 500 mg each, costs approximately $160 in a drug store for brand medication, and as low as $115 for generic drug, if you can find it. Add the cost of prescription (consultation), if you are intended to buy it from a drug store.

Where Can I buy Meldonium over the counter?

Unfortunately, you cannot. In the United States, the drug has not been approved for use yet. Anyway, even if it was, you would require prescription to buy Meldonium, because it is considered a special medication with the prescription-only status. However, there is a way to order Meldonium online with no prescription (thus saving money and time, getting the drug without help of a medical specialist). It doesn’t mean that you do not need a consultation with a doctor before you start using Mildronate — you should at least read the instructions and see if you have any contraindications, or possible interactions. Also, you should be careful following the precautions specified there.

As a bottom line, if you want to buy Meldonium online without prescription in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, Singapore, you should look for a reliable Meldonium no prescription online pharmacy with enough desired medication in stock. When you order generic Meldonium there, expect an overnight delivery and the best price as a pleasant bonus.