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Minocycline medication overview

Minocycline drugs belong to a group called tetracyclines, powerful antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. It was first synthesized in 1966, and for already 50 years it is one of the first-line therapy agents for acne vulgaris. The medication is highly lipid-soluble, which makes it more effective in use and safer for kidneys and urinary tract. It also increases the risk of CNS-related side effects. However, many Minocycline reviews prove the theory that the medication has become less effective for patients in North America and Europe, due to bacterial nature of their acne disease; Minocycline has no effect on these bacteria anymore. They have developed an immunity towards the tetracycline antibiotics and require different approach in treatment.

Nevertheless, at the moment a lot of patients looking for Minocycline for sale, particularly for the brand medication called Minocin. Since the patent has expired, there is also a number of alternative, generic names on the market: Minomycin, Minostad, Minoderm, Solodyn, Dynacin, Mino-Tabs and others. Despite the high availability of Minocycline over the counter, price of the drug is still high. According to some analytic companies, Walmart price of Minocycline in case of generic medication may be as high as $1000 for a pack of 30 capsules.

Minocycline acne medication usage

Usually, patients buy generic no prescription Minocycline 50 mg, 100mg when they have problems with acne. The medication has a prescription-only status in the United states, and therefore you can order minocycline online with no prescription, but you cannot buy it over the counter. This is because of a strong complex effect of the medication on body, and a high probability of serious side effects, if it is used in a wrong way.

Before you decide to use Minocin or any of its generic analogues, you have to consult your doctor. It will help you determine your individual health condition, contraindications you may have (allergic reactions, urinary tract problems, psychic problems, else), adjust the dosage of the drug to your needs and most likely get a prescription, if you really need it. You have to know how much Minocycline to overdose is enough, so you can avoid overdosing the drug. Minocin (minocycline) dosage should be adjusted individually, basing on the health conditions, and outcome of the therapy, so it's your doctor who should tell you how much minocycline to take for acne, depending on severity of the disease and the effect you get from the therapy.

Minocycline side effects

Minocycline side effects are many and they may become dangerous if you ignore the prescription or overdose the medication. The best way to avoid side effects is to learn about contraindications, interactions and precautions while using the drug; such information is included in the Minocycline kit, and can be also received from a healthcare specialist. Nevertheless, in rare cases serious side effects show even if you have followed the prescription correctly. Therefore, you have to know about such complications, to seek medical help when it is needed.

Serious side effects of Minocycline antibiotics manifest as blood in urine or stools, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, increased heartbeat rate, peeling of skin, dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite, stomach pain, yellowing of eyes and skin, eye pain, blurred vision and others. In case you get any of these, seek medical attention immediately. Less common side effects are: noise in ears, redness of skin, hives, hearing problems, sleepiness or drowsiness, problems with movement. These may require medical help too. Your doctor should give you an advice whether you should discontinue the drug, reduce the dose or stop taking some other medications, if you experience any of these side effects.

Cost of Minocin (minocycline)

Despite the expiration of the patent that usually makes the price of the drug drop down significantly, Minocin is not the case. It if is not covered by your medical insurance, it may be a real burden to your family budget, because even generic Minocycline drugs are very expensive. At the same time, nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that it will help, instead of causing various side effects, resulting in additional expenses and possible discontinuation of the drug, so you will have to expose of the Minocin you've bought. Typical dose of 30 capsules (monthly therapy dose) may cost as much as $1040 in the United States, and approximately the same in Canada and Europe. Perhaps, the only convenient way to reduce the cost of Minocycline is to purchase Minocin (minocycline) with no prescription on a specialized website.

How to get minocycline

Though Minocin is a prescription-only medication in most of the developed countries, you can buy Minocin (minocycline) online without prescription in Australia, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, the USA, Germany and a number of European countries, thanks to no prescription Minocycline online pharmacy market. Such pharmacies provide the best price for Minocycline and a verbose instructions on its usage, along with the leaflet included in the package. Such pharmacies ship the drug all over the world, so it is the fastest and the most convenient way to get cheap Minocycline wherever you are.