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Plan B

Generic Plan B (Levonelle) overview

Famous Plan B, or Levonelle, is a medication based on the synthetic hormone Levonorgestrel, which is an analogue of norgestrel (progestin). It was first advertised in 1968 for use as oral contraceptive. Nowadays, Plan B, a combination of Levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, is used as long-term oral contraceptive in therapy, or as an emergency birth control pill.

The drug has different legal status depending on country. You can buy Plan B (Levonelle) online without prescription in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Argentina, and other countries. However, some countries have banned the medication completely, and a few have approved it as prescription-only medication.

Usually, Levonorgestrel is used as an oral contraceptive, though sometimes it is implanted in body in from of a device, releasing certain portions of the active substance with time, and thus achieving the similar effect to regular oral intake. These implants are sold under brand names Norplant, Jaydess, Jadelle. As well, there is an estrogen patch that contains Levonorgestrel and estradiol, used for hormone replacement therapy.

Plan B usage

Often people order Plan B (Levonelle) online with no prescription to use it as an oral contraceptive in long-term therapy. This use of the medication is usually safe and convenient, as it contains a combination of monophasic and triphasic Levonorgestrel, which has mild and complex effect.

However, the primary use of the medication is emergency birth control. The drug is known as “Morning After Pill”. Therefore, a plenty of people order Plan B without prescription for pick up. Also, women who have had an unprotected sexual contact, look for Levonelle next day delivery. In this case, they prefer to buy Plan B (Levonelle) 1500 mg pills. However, it is necessary to understand that the medication is only effective within 120 hours since the ejaculation has taken place, and it cannot stop the pregnancy that has already occurred.

But that's not all. Women with body weight exceeding 75 kg have lesser chance that Plan B will work. The clinical trials have shown that the medication is not effective in women with over 80 kg body mass, as high BMI reduces the efficiency of emergency contraceptives.

Online Plan B book of precautions

Oral contraception requires timely and regular administration of the prescribed drug, not exceeding the Plan B usage limit and thorough medical examination before the start of the therapy. Otherwise, there can be complications and side effects; also, the therapy may show itself ineffective. Hypersensitivity to the drug, menstrual disorders, hormonal problems and their outcomes may be serious contraindication for the use of Plan B as emergency birth control pill, or regular oral contraceptive.

Still, most people are obsessed with finding the lowest price of Plan B (Levonelle) pill, and do not even care to consult the doctor about its use. Nowadays, the age to buy Plan B in Canada, for example, is as low as 18 years old, so any young women can use it. It doesn't require prescription, but you need to look for a medical advice before you try to use it. The problem here is not how to get Plan B, as it is freely sold over the counter, but how to use it properly, so it has its positive effect, while the side effects are prevented.

Side effects of Plan B birth control

High or low cost of Plan B medication depends on where you buy it, but it doesn't guarantee that you will avoid the side effects of the medication. Generic Plan B and brand medications have the same list and probability of side effects, and it only depends on how you have prepared for the use. You have to learn possible side effects to distinguish serious problems from minor inconveniences.

The most common side effects of Levonelle are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headache and abdominal pain. Women also complain about delay in menstruation, and further heavy menstruation, even uterine bleeding is possible. However, if you use Plan B for emergency birth control, these side effects should should disappear within 2 days after the intake.

Can I buy Levonelle without prescription?

Totally, you can. However, it's not the problem. Cheap Plan B pill is what you would like to look for, because price of Plan B (Levonelle) pill at CVS is just unbelievable. As well, when you'll know how much is Levonelle in BOOTS, you may reconsider pregnancy. So, the question is not how to get Plan B at Walmart or where to buy Plan B over the counter — it is generally sold everywhere in the US and the UK. Finding a place with an acceptable cost of Plan B medication is the primary concern of those who have had unprotected sex and want to use it as an emergency birth control pill.

Fortunately, as for any other brand drug, there is a generic substitute for Levonelle or Plan B. You can get that cheap and effective drug online — just look for it in any online pharmacy that you know. Choose the pharmacy wisely: you probably need the next day delivery and high-quality medication, so read a few feedbacks before buying in a particular pharmacy. Hopefully, you no longer wonder how to get Plan B cheap and quickly: the solution is the online drug stores (pharmacies).