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Generic Lyrica medication

Pregabalin (generic Lyrica medication) is a powerful GABA-related anticonvulsant and painkiller. A successor to Gabapentin, Pregabalin (Lyrica) is up to 10 times more potent as anticonvulsant, 3-6 times more effective as analgesic, and is safer and less addictive than the original drug. Pregabalin works by affecting the GABA receptors indirectly, which makes it a powerful and reliable inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Lyrica, the brand medication by Pfizer, based on Pregabalin, is widely used in the United States and worldwide as an anticonvulsant drug, for indications like seizures, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome (off-label). Some medical specialists use Pregabalin in psychotherapy, as a solution for generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and even alcohol withdrawal. Medication may be very helpful in case of surgery, in combination with opioids, allowing lowering the doses of these dangerous drugs, with the same analgesic effect on patient.

The United States Federal Drug Agency has included Pregabalin on the list of Schedule V medications, which means that it is under strict control of the government. The legal status of Lyrica is prescription-only medication. Generic version is not available in the United States (until 2018), though it is possible to order Lyrica online with no prescription with shipping from other countries. The price of the medication may be shocking: brand Pregabalin (Lyrica) monthly course costs approximately $400.

Lyrica dosage

While it is for a doctor to decide, how much Lyrica is safe in the particular patient’s condition, the maximum daily dose of the drug is equal to 600 mg of Pregabalin, divided into three intakes. Wondering “How much Lyrica should I take?” patients should consult the doctor, or at least read the instructions, included in the package, in order to determine minimum and maximum dosage for their condition.

Typically, patients start with a daily dose of 150 mg of active substance. It requires two 75 mg tablets, or three 50 mg tablets, or an equal dose of the oral solution of Pregabalin. After the first week, you can increase the dosage up to 600 mg per day, yet there is no evidence that a dose higher than 300 mg of Lyrica (one 100 mg tablet three times a day) has better effect. However, when the Lyrica dosage exceeds 300 mg daily, the risk of adverse reactions increases significantly. Thus, we recommend you sticking to the minimum effective dosage of Lyrica.

Lyrica overdose is very dangerous: you should never take higher doses than your doctor has prescribed. As well, quitting Lyrica required gradual lowering of the dose for 3-7 days, to avoid withdrawal syndrome, despite the relatively low addiction liability of the drug.

Lyrica precautions and adverse effects

Lyrica is a powerful medication that requires knowledge and care to use it. We do not recommend self-medicating with this drug, if you have not taken it before according to the prescription. Consult your doctor to make your therapy safe and effective as much as possible.

Before you purchase Lyrica, you have to learn about side effects of Pregabalin and some precautions. You should never take Lyrica if you are allergic to any components of this drug, including Pregabalin. Such health problems as congestive heart failure, bleeding disorder, diabetes, kidney disease, depression or alcohol addiction can make use of Pregabalin unwanted. Other contraindications include pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Interactions of Lyrica potentially include alcohol, opioids and other depressant drugs or substances, suppressing the central nervous systems. There are no clear evidence of any dangerous Lyrica interactions, yet is it definitely risky to take the drug with alcohol.

Lyrica can cause dizziness and drowsiness at high rate. Many patients complain about psychic side effects, such as euphoria, memory impairment, confusion, sexual abnormalities, increased appetite and weight gain, ataxia, vertigo and others. Nausea, vomiting and constipation are rather common. Rarely, Lyrica causes tachycardia, hypoglycemia, depression, lethargy, flushing, muscle cramps and myalgia (arthralgia).

Serious side effects of Pregabalin include hypertension, hypotension, neutropenia, pancreatitis, suicidal thoughts and behavior. These conditions require immediate medical attention.

Price of Lyrica

How much Lyrica cost? It depends on the country and on the seller. In the United States, you require a prescription to buy the drug, and no generic Lyrica is available yet, which results in extremely high cost of Lyrica for sale. The price of Lyrica can be as high as 400-500 USD per monthly supply of the brand drug. At the same time, in Canada you can purchase generic Lyrica (Pregabalin) at least twice cheaper. Thus, many patients are wondering, how to get Lyrica without prescription and at a cheap price.

Where can I buy cheap Lyrica over the counter?

You cannot literally buy cheap Lyrica over the counter, but you can buy Lyrica online without prescription in the USA, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Europe, Australia and other countries, which is even cheaper than OTC in a local drug store or at Walgreens. Just order Lyrica online with no prescription, choosing the generic version of the drug, and you can save up to 70% of the money you would spend on your therapy! Any reliable no prescription online pharmacy has enough Lyrica in stock for you to make a bulk purchase and get a very attractive discount, lowering the total price of monthly Lyrica therapy significantly.