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Premarin medication

Premarin medication was first brought to the market in 1942, as a first-line treatment for menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, burning and itching, dryness of vaginal area. It is a part of hormone-replacement therapy, addressed to women, who have had hysterectomy (complete surgical removal of ovaries, womb, cervix and other related organs).

The medication was discovered in 1930, when a group of researchers from University of Toronto has succeeded in isolation of conjugated estrogens from the urine of a pregnant horses. Premarin, the synthesized combination of these conjugated estrogens was named after it (PREgnant MAres uRINe). In 1962, Wyeth has introduced Premarin for sale. Later, there will be clinical trials to determine correlation between use of HRT and breast cancer, but it won't show any significant results.

Nowadays, Premarin is not as popular as before. Since 2002, its sales have decreased at least twice. Nevertheless, it's still one of the well-known solutions for menopausal symptoms. Women who have not had hysterectomy, use the medication in combination with progestogen. It is also used off-label as a treatment for breast and prostate cancer.

How to get Premarin working effectively

If you want to purchase Premarin and use if for self-medication, think again. Cost of Premarin in case of improper use can be much more than what you'll see in the drug store. It is required to visit your doctor and ask for prescription, before you even think about buying Premarin on your own. After the healthcare specialist who is familiar with your medical history will determine if there are any contraindications or interactions for Premarin you should be aware of, you have to learn such, and also learn how to take the drug. There are just a few typical recommendations we can give you, since the use of HRT is very individual, and even more, it requires regular medical monitoring.

Never self-medicate using Premarin, or any other hormone medication, because they affect the body in many ways you may not be aware of. Your doctor must know that you are planning to take Premarin before you buy it, so he can give you a timely advice. Never overdose the medication, the response of the body may be unpredictable. It is very important to take each dose of the hormone exactly in the scheduled time, usually it's 10 AM. Never miss the dose, and never try to take two doses at once, if you have missed one dose. Learn about the side effects of Premarin (discovered in the next paragraph), and in case of any serious problems, immediately seek medical attention.

Side effects of Premarin

The first thing you should worry about, buying this drug, is not the price of Premarin, but its side effects. Complications and inconveniences you may get from your hormone replacement therapy are highly individual. However, more or less common adverse effects are vaginal spotting, painful menses, cramping of legs, and there is an increase in risk of vaginal yeast infections, because the hormone replacement therapy changes the vaginal microflora, making it less resistant to various fungus and bacteria.

Fortunately for users of Premarin, itself it doesn't has any effect on coronary heart disease, breast cancer or other complications usually associated with hormone therapy. This is due to pure compound of Premarin, which does not contain any progestins, unlike most birth control pills, or other similar drugs. Without progestins, the risks of development of breast cancer or coronary heart disease, two the most common problems of HRT, are not affected by the therapy. Nevertheless, it is recommended to have the health conditions monitored by medical specialists on a regular basis, while on any type of hormones.

Premarin reviews

Most Premarin reviews report amazing efficiency and convenient use for this drug. People who have had complete hysterectomy keep taking Premarin for 10-20 years, and it helps them keeping all the negative menopausal symptoms away. However, there are rare patients who complain about Premarin reducing its efficiency after approximately 6-12 months after the initial intake. That should be rather individual. Primary ovarian failure, as it seems, cannot be treated by simply using Premarin and requires a more complex approach.

On the other hand, a number of insurance companies has found payments for Premarin way too burdening. They have offered their clients to switch to Premarin cheapest analogues, such as Estradiol, and others, that are known to have effect on breast cancer and heart diseases. On the other hand, when you find out how much Premarin costs, you may understand that even generic Premarin cost is unaffordable for a long-term therapy. In this case, you have just one best solution, explained below.

Where can i buy Premarin over the counter

Even though in most developed countries Premarin has a prescription-only status, you can buy Premarin online without prescription in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, Singapore, and a number of other regions of the world. This is possible thanks to Premarin no prescription online pharmacy selling the drug day and night. What is most important, cheap Premarin is only available there: whether it's a brand drug or a generic, online pharmacies always offer the best price. Even if you want to buy Premarin overnight, you can order Premarin online with no prescription and get it delivered the next day right to your door. Online pharmacies also have special discount programs, which is very convenient in case you need Premarin for long-term therapy.