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Propecia percentage characteristics

Propecia is, perhaps, the last resort of men, who suffer from pattern hair loss. No other medication show any comparable effect, because Propecia (generic name Finasteride) strikes right in the heart of the problem. The medication works as an inhibitor of 5a-reductaze enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is the main cause of male pattern hair loss. Due to direct inhibition of the process, Propecia results percent is very high. At the same time, patients rarely complain about the side effects of Propecia, and those who do, rarely get anything worse than a temporary sexual dysfunction, such as erectile or ejaculation problems, loss of interest in sex and similar minor difficulties.

Nevertheless, actual Propecia percentage for successful and unsuccessful treatment is regularly monitored, because many people are interested in it, including patients, medics and manufacturers. In this article, we briefly review the latest data from clinical trials and patients’ reviews to compare the efficiency of Propecia to the possible risk of side effects, thus determining the overall worthiness of Propecia (Finasteride) therapy.

Propecia success percentage

Measuring Propecia success percentage, we take into account the Propecia percentage of hair growth, Propecia regrowth percent, and at what Percentage does Propecia work to determine the overall efficiency of the drug.

According to the information we possess, Propecia proves itself effective in more than 73.8% of cases. It means that approximately three of every four men, ever taken the medicine to fight hair loss, have succeeded. This includes only the patients who have followed the prescription correctly and have not quitted the therapy before the doctor has suggested doing so.

It is hard to determine the exact Propecia success percentage in terms of Propecia regrowth percent, due to individual expectations and satisfaction. However, according to the user reviews exposed on three major drug sites, over 82.3% of patients have their expectations exceeded by the effect of Finasteride (Propecia). Propecia percentage of hair growth is close to 200%, because the medication effectively stops hair loss, induces thickening of hair and reverses the process so the hair growth occurs even in elderly patients. Thus, instead of losing hair, patients have their hair growth normalized and even enhanced.

Propecia percentage side effects

One of the widely discussed benefits of Propecia is low Propecia percentage side effects. Most of those adverse reactions are related to sexual function, and have temporary effect. Propecia impotence percent is insignificant, less than 0.1% of patients report complete loss of erection or other severe sexual dysfunctions. It is important to note, that Propecia percentages side effects 1 mg dose are term-related: most of the side effects, even minor, disappear after the first year of the therapy. Overall, less than 1% of patients ever experience side effects, and less than one tenth of them face serious complications while taking Finasteride (generic Propecia).