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Propecia results

Propecia medication overview

Propecia is a medication designed to treat benign prostate hyperplasia, or prostate enlargement. However, its mechanism of action results in another effect, aside from normalization of prostate volume and prophylaxis of prostate cancer. The drug is widely used for off-label treatment of pattern hair loss, showing amazing results in males of all ages, and even in females. Inhibiting the 5a-reductaze enzyme, the medication prevents uncontrollable conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which in its turn induces hair growth, reverses hair loss and restores the hair, as Propecia results receding hairline restoration.

The drug has a few adverse effects, most of which are related to diarrhea and allergic reaction, which can be determined prior to the therapy. It has a serious negative effect on development of fetus, and thus it is prohibited to take for pregnant women (Pregnancy category X). The drug is prescription-only in the developed countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Annual sales of Propecia, particularly for off-label treatment of hair loss, exceed several million prescriptions. There is no doubt that Propecia is the most effective, and often the only solution for male pattern hair loss, which is effective and save at the same time.

Propecia results

Propecia results are the best to judge by the user reviews. Thousands of such reviews are available on the web, among all exposing Propecia results before and after photos, speaking louder than words. Are Propecia results outstanding? Perhaps, not. However, there is no other, more effective solution for the pattern hair loss. Obviously, like any other medication, Propecia (generic name Finasteride) has its strong and weak sides. For example, the drug does not have a cumulative effect, and its effect does not last long: you have to take Propecia regularly to keep your hair growing and thickening.

Propecia results after 1 month may not be very promising or inspiring. Patients should take into account that hormone therapy, such as Propecia therapy, requires some time for the body to adapt and react to the changes in DHT levels, so the hair growth doesn’t happen immediately, However, Propecia results after 2 years should be more than enough convincing for anyone willing to take the therapy. You can easily check the photos on the web, to see the real Propecia results for young men and men of mature age. There is certainly a reason why millions of patients praise Propecia (Proscar).

Propecia before after changes

It is trivial to notice the Propecia before after changes, if you have ever seen any photos of the patients, traditionally included into the reviews of Propecia. Many people say that their hair have shown significant growth over the first two years of Propecia therapy. In this case, it is important to keep going and follow the prescription whatever result you get during the first month. You may have or may have not experience the significant improvement in your situation over the first several month, but sooner or later, you will get your hair growth restored thanks to Propecia effect.