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Does Propecia work?

Does Propecia really work?

While we are being bombarded with streams of information regarding Propecia, it is sometimes hard to distinguish real user reviews for advertising and marketing. We are being convinced that Propecia is the one and only solution for pattern hair loss, reliable, and without any significant side effects, at least, for men. However, is that true? Does Propecia really work? How can we make sure that this medication is worth its money? Perhaps, the most reliable source of information is ourselves, our close friends, or relatives. However, not everyone got a person he can trust, and who has already made use of Propecia to ensure in the Propecia work.

In addition, there is a number of individual conditions that may affect the Propecia works on hairline: males, genetically prone to hair loss, with thin hair and receding hairline in young age. Would Propecia work for anyone, or there are certain cases when it is helpless? As well, we would want to know if Propecia work long term is worth the significant amount of money we have to pay for such therapy. Would we see any significant improvements within the first month, or should we wait for a year, relying only on advertising claims? Let us discuss that!

Does Propecia work for men over 50?

Surely, Propecia targets the males prone to hair loss before all. We all know that hair loss does not spare anyone, neither the old men, nor the young. Even if you are just 25-30 years old, you may face the pattern hair loss, induced by high level of androgen hormone testosterone. While Propecia inhibits the conversion of such hormone to dihydrotestosterone, thus preventing hair loss, would it be as effective for older men? Does Propecia work for men over 50 at all?

Studies show that Propecia not only works for older men, but it shows the most significant improvement in patients over 50 years of age. Propecia works after 10 years in studies, and mature patients who have suffered from male pattern hair loss (alopecia) have completely recovered from the disease. Their hair has shown impressive growth, along with thickening and strengthening. Thus, you can be sure that Propecia is perfect for men over 50 years old, but it also works for younger people (women as well).

Does Propecia works forever?

Nothing lasts forever, especially the Propecia effect. While it takes the drug at least 3-5 months to take effect, Propecia work for receding hairline may be wasted if you discontinue the therapy. After a few months without Propecia, dihydrotestosterone conversion is back to initial level, and thus the hair loss is induced again. Propecia works wonders only if you take it regularly and without any significant breaks. Patients are required to take at least 340-350 tablets every year to make their therapy effective. Propecia working after 2 weeks may not be as impressive as we would want it to be, but within less than one year you will notice significant changes in your hair condition: Propecia work on temples will not come unnoticed. Just keep taking the medication, if you want your hair to be thick, dense and strong.