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Ventolin Side Effects

Albuterol (Ventolin) inhaler side effects

Albuterol Ventolin inhaler is one of the safest agents that counter asthma. This medication has been used by millions of people over the years, and few to none serious Ventolin side effects were reported. However, if you use the inhaler improperly, overdose Ventolin or use expired medication, you can face the problems described in this guide. In any case, it’s important to consult your doctor before you start using the medication, and get a prescription to avoid the common harmful side effects of Ventolin inhaler. The drug has a prescription-only legal status in the United States and the United Kingdom, though you can purchase generic Salbutamol from an online pharmacy without prescription.

Commonly, side effects of Ventolin are the result of improper administration or use of the inhaler. For example, patients who are hypersensitive to the medication, though use it without prescription, may experience headache, palpitations, muscle cramps, dry mouth and tremor. If you haven’t determined the hypersensitivity to Salbutamol before you have started using the Ventolin inhaler, you will have such problems. In this case, it’s important to seek medical advice on whether you should quit using Ventolin, or the inconveniences should disappear with time. Only a medical specialist can determine that. Such problems as Ventolin side effects weight gain or Ventolin side effects leg and knee pain haven’t been proved by medical studies; in other words, such symptoms are not usually associated with the Ventolin therapy, and most likely have another source.

Long term side effects Ventolin

Some of the Ventolin side effects can manifest only after a certain period of the therapy. These are referred to as long term side effects Ventolin. Those are especially dangerous, if you regularly overdose the medication, or get the expired Ventolin inhaled side effects as a result of your therapy. Patients can experience hypotension, or hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia and other problems. People with a renal failure, or severe renal failure, should take Ventolin very carefully; otherwise they are exposed to high risks of long-term side effects, including several dangerous complications.

Typical Ventolin side effects anxiety/rash/tachycardia/blurred vision are not very dangerous or life-threatening. However, in rare cases the improper use of the medication can cause collapse, angioedema, hypotension, urticaria, and severe allergic reactions. Ventolin side effects child/toddler/baby do not usually differ from those in adults, though may take more severe forms and be more dangerous to the patient. Therefore, an additional care is advised for younger patients.

Side effects Ventolin during pregnancy

Side effects Ventolin during pregnancy are yet a subject to clinical studies. At the moment, there are no evidence of any special side effects of the drug in pregnant women, or influence of the Ventolin therapy on fetus. However, the safety of the medication hasn’t been proven, and thus Salbutamol is pregnancy category C, which means that potential benefits can outweigh the risks. If you’re planning to take Ventolin while pregnant, you must consult your doctor beforehand.