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Zyloprim (Allopurinol)

Zyloprim classification and overview

Allopurinol (Zyloprim, Progout, Allosig, Zyrik, Aluron etc.) is a medication designed for treatment of gout. It was discovered in 1966, and approved by FDA as Zyloprim. Allopurinol usage is mainly indicated in case of gout, hyperuricemia, and few other diseases. It has been added on the list of medications, essential in basic health system by WHO. Today, Allopurinol 300 mg tablet is the first-line medication for treatment of gout, while price of Allopurinol medication is unreasonably high, especially for the brand drug. Fortunately, there is a number of generic Allopurinol analogues, having the same mechanism of action and effect, yet much more affordable.

The drug itself is a synthetic analogue of purine, particularly hypoxanthine, which acts like an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is responsible for formation of uric acid, which excessive levels in blood are the cause for gout and other health problems. Therefore, proper Allopurinol dosage is able to reduce the formation of uric acid, thus soothing the symptoms of gout, and preventing the arthritis. A number of other indications for use of Allopurinol make it a very popular medication in the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries.

Many patients prefer to buy no prescription generic Allopurinol 300 mg, 100 mg or other forms of the drug, once they are familiar with the precautions and receive the proper Allopurinol prescription assistance. It is possible to use the drug for self-medication purposes, though a timely and thorough consultation with a medical care specialist is required before the use.

Allopurinol usage

A number of pathological health conditions can be an indication for use of Allopurinol (Zyloprim) or its generic analogues. Most of the diseases, associated with excessive levels of uric acid, particularly, deposition of the acid that has already occurred or is expected. The list of such diseases includes gouty arthritis, uric acid lithiasis, acute uric acid neuropathy, kidney stones idiopathic gout, and many others.

Zyloprim is administered in cases of some enzyme disorders, resulting in overproduction of uric acid: Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, glycogen storage diseases and others. Some chemotherapeutic therapies can cause hyperuricemia, and in this case the intravenous solution of Allopurinol has proven helpful.

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease usually receive thiopurine therapy, but when it does not work effectively, Allopurinol can be added as a co-therapy medication, to increase the outcome. However, it should not be used in such co-therapy without medical specialist advice and supervision, because it may result in severe hepatoxicity side effects.

There are other uses of Zyloprim, particularly in co-therapy, which is beyond the subject of this guide.

Allopurinol prescription assistance

If you are intended to order Allopurinol (Zyloprim) medication with no prescription, it is important to learn the precautions, interactions and side effects of the drug beforehand. You shouldn't use the medication on your own before you find an exact answer to the questions “How much Allopurinol should I take for gout?”, because Allopurinol dosage is individual, and it depends on particular disease, health conditions of the patient and some other criteria. We cannot adjust the amount of Allopurinol 300 mg tablet per day to your individual needs, however, in this guide you will find important information about Allopurinol medication interactions and contraindications.

Zyloprim package insert instruction contains all the necessary information for the patient, intended to use it for self-medication. Nevertheless, a consultation with a doctor is highly recommended. The drug is contraindicated to those who are allergic to Allopurinol, which can be determined by medical care specialist. Allopurinol should be administered carefully to those who have a history of kidney or liver problems, diabetes, and hypertension.

Zyloprim interacts with Azathioprine and Didanosine. The medication can increase the effects (positive and negative) of such drugs as Ciclosporin, Phenytoin, Coumarin, Vidarabine, Chlorpropamide, Theophylline, and few others. Furosemide and Salicylates, on the opposite, reduce the activity and half-life of Allopurinol in body.

Zyloprim should be taken with a glass of water, and during the therapy, it is recommended to drink more water than usually. Drinking alcohol should be avoided if you are taking Allopurinol.

Allopurinol medication side effects

The most serious adverse effect of Zyloprim is the hypersensitivity syndrome, that may develop in patients, who are allergic to the drug. It manifests as skin rash, fever, and can become as severe as hepatitis, toxic epidermal necrolysis or Stevens-Johnson syndrome, potentially fatal.

Other side effects may include aplastic anemia, peripheral neuritis, interstitial nephritis, and cytopenias. On discontinuation, patients may experience moderate skin rash, which is relatively safe.

If you experience skin rash, irritation or fever during the Allopurinol therapy, you should seek medical help immediately, because it is a sign of individual intolerance to the drug, which otherwise may develop into potentially lethal disease.

Can I buy Allopurinol without prescription?

It is possible to buy cheap Allopurinol (Zyloprim) online without prescription in Canada, the UK, Australia, the USA and few other countries, where the cost of Allopurinol tablets without insurance is burdening and even unaffordable for many patients. You should look for a reliable Allopurinol no prescription online pharmacy, and make sure that it has high-quality brand or generic drugs.

If you are looking for Allopurinol for sale online and without prescription, you should be very careful to avoid fraud and low-quality substitutes sold as brand drug. Moreover, you have to familiarize yourself with the Zyloprim package insert instruction, to avoid possible side effects. Dosage of the drug is complicated; therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor on that matter.