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Propecia lawsuit

Propecia overview

Propecia is a medication invented and patented by Merck, the pharmaceutical company that has also designed Proscar. Both medication are based on Finasteride, though Propecia contains just 1 mg of the substance, while Proscar has 5 mg in each tablet. The drug regulates the DHT (dihydrotestosterone hormone) levels in body. This hormone is responsible for sexual function, and causes several unwanted conditions, such as prostate enlargement and male pattern baldness. Propecia effectively fights MPB by inhibiting the synthesis of DHT, but it also has its side effects.

Propecia side effects

Propecia side effects are particularly important for this article because they have caused a number of Propecia lawsuit cases. The producer has not issued a timely warning about possible persistent side effects of Propecia, remaining even after the discontinuation of the drug, which has resulted in Propecia lawsuit New Jersey judiciary.

Most of the Propecia side effects are related to sexual function, because the medication adjusts the level of DHT hormone, which is responsible for such function. Thus, after several years of Propecia therapy, many patients have requested Propecia lawsuit settlement amounts beyond a hundred thousand dollars, for persistent problems with erectile function, ejaculation and receiving orgasm. They demand Propecia lawsuit payout because Merck has not timely warned the customers about such side effects, particularly their persistent nature.

Usually, you expect any side effects of the drug to vanish shortly after the discontinuation of the therapy. However, it is not true for Propecia. Certain individuals are unable to get their DHT hormone synthesis back to normal after the long-term Propecia therapy. This results in erectile dysfunction, difficulties achieving orgasm, and abnormal ejaculation. Such difficulties have devastating effect on social life and psychic of the patients, and thus Merck must pay.

Merck Propecia lawsuit

Propecia lawsuit update has shown that there are more than 1,385 lawsuits filed against Merck, related to the persistent sexual side effects of Propecia. There are thematic websites and campaigns, ran by Propecia lawsuit attorneys, to attract more supporters and to raise awareness. Propecia lawsuit news do not specify if any of the lawsuits were successful. Yet, Merck has not paid anything to its customers; however, the pharmaceutical company was obliged by FDA to change the label of Propecia and include the warning about persistent side effects related to sexual function.

Even if you have taken Propecia for a while, you should not worry about possible side effects, unless you have overdosed or missed doses during your therapy. The medication is believed to have mild side effects, occurring rarely and only in patients with hypersensitivity to the drug, along with other contraindications. Consult your doctor before you buy Propecia, follow the instructions strictly, and your therapy will have maximum effect and no complications.