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Propecia success

Generic Propecia overview

Propecia is a brand name for Finasteride, the medication developed by Merck and patented for treatment of male pattern hair loss. This drug has a wonderful effect on males who suffer from hair loss, preventing and reverting the disease by effectively inhibiting the 5a-reductaze enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for testosterone to dihydrotestosterone conversion, while DHT is the main cause of hair loss and prostate enlargement (as well as prostate cancer) in adult and elderly men.

Propecia success rate is unmatched; over 80% of patients report successful hair regrowth after several month of intensive therapy. It requires just one 1mg pill of Propecia taken daily, for at least three months, to see the results. Within one year, most of the patients achieve full hair regrowth; as a result of Propecia success hairline is restored. In addition, the drug induces thickening and strengthening of hair.

Long-term therapy requirement, usually set for Propecia, is nothing but a Propecia success statistics. The noticeable changes occur only after one year or more, so it is necessary to continue the Propecia therapy even if you do not see the results immediately. The side effects of the drug may be rather inconvenient, but most of them are not dangerous. After a year, most patients report that the adverse reactions bother them no more. The body adapts to new DHT levels and the patient does not get any more side effects.

Propecia success probability

Propecia is more than reliable in terms of Propecia success probability. Almost every patient who has had enough patience to continue the therapy for at least six months has received significant improvement in his hair conditions. Of course, the result of Propecia treatment depends on individual conditions, sensitivity to the Finasteride (generic Propecia), and many other factors. However, the unbiased statistics show that over 80% of patients, carefully following the instructions, got the results they have expected and desired.

We recommend all patients intended to use Propecia for hair loss treatment consult their doctor or other medical specialist before buying Propecia. Despite the fact that the drug is available without prescription in some online pharmacies, medical advice and timely consultation can be essential to achieve success and avoid adverse effects of Finasteride. Improper use, overdosing the medication, missing a dose, or using the drug against contraindications is dangerous and may lead to negative unforeseen consequences.

Propecia success photos or pictures

There is a plenty of Propecia success hair loss forum stories, supplied with Propecia success photos or pictures. Approximately 60% of the customer reviews are purely positive, saying that Propecia has resulted in complete hair regrowth. The next 20% customers say that they have achieved significant improvement in their hair conditions, despite the minor side effects they have experienced. The rest of the patients has determined individual intolerability to Finasteride, or has had no opportunity to establish the required long-term therapy, and thus failed to heal.