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Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin inhaler instructions/directions

Ventolin (Albuterol) is a powerful medication that has a relaxation effect on the smooth muscle, and thus has the bronchodilator effect. This medication is used primarily to treat asthma attacks, fight chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and exercise-induced bronchospasms. Typically, doctors prescribe Ventolin inhaler for cough or asthma if the patient has a history of such diseases, because the medication requires prescription in most states, and in the UK, Australia and Canada. This article is to provide certain Ventolin inhaler instructions/directions, but it is in no way a replacement for a thorough consultation with the doctor that you should have before you start using the medication.

An alternative to Ventolin inhaler, inhaler Ventolin Salbutamol, has the similar effect from the point of view of the patient, so you can use this instruction for both forms of the medication. You should also know that Ventolin has an IV solution form, with a different route of administration. Only a medical specialist can inject the intravenous solution, as this requires health status monitoring and precise dose calculation.

Thus, there are several important rules you should follow during your Ventolin therapy: do not use the medication unless you doctor has prescribed it to you. Never use the medication if you are allergic to Albuterol (tell your doctor about it). Use Ventolin inhaler with care if you are pregnant (planning to become pregnant), or have any contraindications (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, seizures, etc.). Don’t let the medication get into your eyes; if it did, immediately rinse your eyes with water. Keep the inhaler in dry place, away from heat. Follow other instructions, included with the drug or provided by the doctor.

Ventolin inhaler uses and dosing

Only a medical specialist can adjust the dosage of Ventolin inhaler for your needs. Do not try to overdose the drug, even if it doesn’t help to achieve the desired effect. Don’t miss your doses: Ventolin is often used for maintenance and prevention of asthma attacks, not for fighting the acute asthma attacks.

Before you apply the inhaler for the first time, shake the canister a few times, and make a few prime a few sprays into the air to test it. Do not point it to your eyes, or someone’s else eyes! After that, put the mouthpiece between your lips and spray Ventolin into your throat, simultaneously breathing in slowly. Wait for several seconds, then breathe out.

If you are intended to use inhaler Ventolin while pregnant, you should tell your doctor about that. Only a medical specialist can determine potential risks and outcomes of such therapy, because the influence of the Ventolin use during pregnancy is unclear. If the potential benefit outweighs the risks, you may use it. Otherwise, the doctor should find another solution for your case.

Ventolin inhaler price

Blue inhaler Ventolin is available in various pharmacies and drug stores. Though, it’s most convenient to look for Ventolin inhaler for sale online. Online pharmacies always list their supply of Ventolin inhaler, so you always know when they are out of stock, and can look in other pharmacy. Ventolin inhaler price varies from $25 to $50 for a monthly supply, as a rule, in the United States. Generic Ventolin is an option if you want to save some money; you can also look for a Ventolin coupon or another discount.